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Novanet Requests

Borrowing from other libraries within the Novanet consortium couldn't be easier.
  • Go to the Novanet Catalogue.
  • Sign into your Novanet Account (top right).
  • Use the search bar to find the item you're looking for (making sure you're searching "Everything", not just "King's").
  • Click on the link to "Request from library."
  • Fill out the form as prompted to pick up from your nearest location.
  • You will receive an email when the item is available to be picked up.

A list of all items you request can be monitored through your Novanet Account.

This service is available to all King's Library patrons. 


We are currently readjusting our ILL practices below due to system changes. Please bear with us as these changes come into effect.

Patrons may receive duplicate messages or conflicting due dates over the coming weeks until the new procedures have been fully implemented.

Additionally, while some requests may be placed in the Novanet catalogue, they may be fulfilled through Relais - or vice versa. If you see that a request has been removed from one account with no explanation, please check your other account to see if it has been moved there before resubmitting the request.

If there is any confusion, please don't hesitate to email for assistance. 

Interlibrary Loans and Document Delivery

Materials that can't be found through the Novanet Catalogue can be requested from libraries worldwide through the Interlibrary Loan Service.

If there's an item that can't be found by searching Novanet, you can fill out the request form for an Interlibrary Loan.

  • Sign into Relais Document Delivery Services.
    • User Login: this is the 14 digit barcode number (eg 29370... ) on your King's ID.
    • Password: the default is the last 4 digits of your phone number on file with the Library. (Note: If your phone number includes an extension number the password may be the 3 digit extension number.)
  • Select "Add Request: Book" for a loan, or "Add Request: Article" for a copy.
  • Fill in as much bibliographic information as possible for the quickest response and highest accuracy.
    • Please include ISBN or ISSN whenever possible.
  • Your name and email address should upload by default, but please make sure they are correct.
  • Select appropriate "Delivery Method": Pickup for Loans; Email for Articles or Chapters.
  • Submit the request.

A confirmation number will be generated and emailed to the registered email.

Because this will come from any number of libraries from around the world, there is no average estimated time of arrival, but patrons can expect a minimum of two weeks before receiving a confirmation email to pick up the item.

If you require an item urgently or have any questions regarding the forms or submitting requests, please contact the circulation desk staff at the Library

Interlibrary Loans from outside the Novanet Consortium are limited to current King's students, faculty and staff. There is no charge to the patron for this service. 

Information for Other Libraries


King's Library is in the process of adding Alma Resource Sharing Partners. If your library is interested in creating a partnership, please contact

University of King’s College Library Interlibrary Loan Services uses the Relais Enterprise system and is a member of the Council of Atlantic University Libraries (CAUL). Requests are preferred in machine readable format (i.e. Docline, Relais, VDX, Amicus). Requests via email, fax and mail are accepted, but libraries using these methods to request regularly from the Library will be asked to use the CAUL web forms. Login information will be provided.

Instructions for submitting requests

  1. Contact University of King’s College Library Interlibrary Loan Services to obtain your user name and password
  2. Go to the ASIN web form.
  3. Fill in your user name and password
  4. Select “Request a Book” for a loan or “Request an Article” for a copy
  5. Click Submit
  6. Click on the arrow next to Supplier
  7. Select the library code of the ASIN (Atlantic Scholarly Information Network) Library to which you want to send the request (NSHK for King’s)
  8. Enter the bibliographic information in the appropriate fields, please include ISBN and ISSN numbers whenever possible
  9. Under Source of Reference give where you found this information ie. Novanet catalogue
  10. Add your UNIQUE request number &/or your requester’s name in the Requester field
  11. Add any Notes ie. Please call for courier pick up
  12. Select the appropriate Delivery Method (Mail or Courier for Loans) (Email, Fax, Ariel for Articles)
  13. Click on the Request a Book or Request an Article button at the bottom of the page. A confirmation number will be generated and emailed to your registered email address.

How to View the Status of Your Requests

Select the List All, List Open or Query options from the login screen or from the buttons at the top of the request forms. “List All” lists all submitted requests, “List Open” lists all incomplete requests and “Query” allows you to look at the detailed status of any particular request. Please note that many of the entries in the status log are system generated and may require staff assistance to interpret. If you need any assistance reading the log please contact Interlibrary Loan staff.

How to Renew, Cancel or Send a General Message

Use the buttons at the bottom of the Request Status page to send renewal, cancellation or general messages to the Interlibrary Loan staff.

Lending Policies


Loan period: 3 weeks
Renewals: none

Not available for loan

Audio/visual, Journals, Rare, Reference, Reserves and Special Collections

Requests for copying from Special Collections items will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


ECRC (East Coast Relais Consortium), ACMC, CARL, CAUL/CDBUA, OONL and all Atlantic non-profit libraries:  no charge
Other Canadian libraries:  $8.00
American and international libraries:  $15.00

ECRC, OONL, OCUL, COPPUL:  no charge
OCUL, COPPUL, ACMC, CARL, CAUL/CDBUA and all Atlantic non-profit libraries:  $5.00 per article
Other Canadian libraries:  $8.00 per article
American and international libraries:  $15.00 per article

Urgent service
ECRC & OONL:  no charge
ACMC, CARL, CAUL/CDBUA and all other Canadian libraries:  $10.00 surcharge
American and international libraries:  $15.00 surcharge + courier costs

Replacement Cost
Cost of material + $20.00


Payments accepted
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, cheque


If you need further details or assistance, please contact us via email at